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Trump signs bill pressuring China over Uighur Muslim crackdown

2020/06/18 02:27:57 @Reuters: World News

U.S. President Donald Trump signed legislation on Wednesday calling for sanctions over the repression of China's Uighur Muslims, as excerpts from a book by his former national security adviser alleged he had approved of their mass detention.
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» Defectors prepare packages to send to North Korea despite growing tensions
  2020/06/18 02:27:23 @Reuters: World News
» Former Mexican state governor pleads guilty in U.S. to money laundering
  2020/06/18 01:57:51 @Reuters: World News
» South Korea's nuclear envoy visits U.S. amid flaring tension with North
  2020/06/18 01:18:07 @Reuters: World News
» China reports 28 new coronavirus cases in mainland
  2020/06/18 00:39:23 @Reuters: World News
» Beijing reports 21 new COVID-19 cases in city as of June 17
  2020/06/18 00:37:40 @Reuters: World News

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Poland and U.S. deny that Fort Trump proposal is bogged down

2020/06/13 20:40:01

Some members of Poland's government on Friday denied a Reuters report saying talks over a U.S.-Polis...

Two rockets fall in Iraq's Taji base, no casualties reported: news agency

2020/06/13 19:47:09

Two Katyusha rockets fell in Iraq's Taji base that hosts U.S.-led coalition troops, with no casualti...

Iran's Zarif sees Trump favourite to win U.S. election

2020/06/13 18:55:36

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday that U.S. President Donald Trump still...

Trump authorizes sanctions over ICC Afghanistan war crimes case

2020/06/12 00:00:05

President Donald Trump on Thursday authorized U.S. economic and travel sanctions against Internation...

Pompeo on ICC: U.S. won't be threatened by 'kangaroo court'

2020/06/11 23:17:32

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday that Washington would not allow Americans to be...

Coronavirus crisis could see number of extreme poor rise to 1.1 billion worldwide: researchers

2020/06/11 23:10:41

The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic could plunge an extra 395 million people into ext...

No means to say goodbye: Bolivian brigades gather corpses of poor COVID victims

2020/06/11 22:47:13

Most weekdays since the coronavirus broke out in Bolivia, Harvard-educated Luis Fernando Ortiz leave...

Saudi Arabia will resume sports activities, without fans starting from June 21

2020/06/11 22:31:29

Saudi Arabia will resume its sports activities without fans starting from June 21, taking all precau...

'We are culture', Spain's bullfight fans chant, seeking aid during pandemic

2020/06/13 20:37:28

Chanting "We are culture", matadores and bullfighting supporters demonstrated on Saturday across Spa...

More than 10,000 march in Zurich against racism

2020/06/13 19:18:38

More than 10,000 people marched through Zurich on Saturday to demonstrate against racism, while a sm...

Turkish court jails U.S. consulate worker on terrorism charges

2020/06/12 00:00:29

A Turkish court jailed a local employee of a U.S. consulate for nearly nine years on Thursday for ai...

North Korea says little reason to maintain Kim-Trump ties: KCNA

2020/06/11 23:26:40

North Korea sees little use maintaining a personal relationship between leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. ...

International Criminal Court describes U.S. sanctions as threats, coercion

2020/06/11 23:16:47

The International Criminal Court said https://bit.ly/3hkge3X on Thursday U.S. President Donald Trump...

UK courts prepare fast-track prosecutions for Black Lives Matter protests: The Times

2020/06/11 22:55:48

British courts are preparing to fast-track prosecutions for the Black Lives Matter protests, as just...

Turkish court conviction of U.S. consulate worker harms relations: Pompeo

2020/06/11 22:31:40

The conviction by a Turkish court of a local employee of a U.S. consulate undermines the trust under...

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