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Hong Kong snares record haul of rhino horns from South Africa

20 hrs 37 mins ago @Reuters: World News

Hong Kong customs seized a record 40 kg (88 pounds) of rhino horns worth around HK$8 million ($1 million) from Johannesburg en route to Vietnam, the latest bust for authorities trying to tackle the rising volume of endangered species trafficked through the Chinese territory.
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» Venezuela's Maduro ramps up legal fight against Guaido's challenge
  20 hrs 40 mins ago @Reuters: World News
» Singapore to Hanoi: The bumpy diplomatic road since Trump and Kim first met
  21 hrs ago @Reuters: World News
» U.S. envoy Abrams met secretly with Venezuela foreign minister: AP report
  21 hrs 23 mins ago @Reuters: World News
» Pompeo: U.S. aims to 'get as far down the road as we can' with North Korea
  22 hrs 25 mins ago @Reuters: World News
» U.S. military denies taking part in raid on al Qaeda site in Libya
  22 hrs 44 mins ago @Reuters: World News

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Vale's safety measures have not worked, CEO says as woes grow

1 day 3 hrs 43 mins ago

Brazilian miner Vale's safety procedures have not worked, the company's chief executive said on Thur...

Nigeria 'Delta Avengers' militants vow to cripple economy if Buhari re-elected

1 day 4 hrs ago

A militant group in Nigeria's oil-rich southern Niger Delta threatened on Thursday to cripple the ec...

Pompeo: U.S. wants to 'get as far down the road' in North Korea meet

1 day 7 hrs 19 mins ago

The United States aims to "get as far down the road as we can" during a leaders' summit with North K...

Putin to Turkey and Iran: We must crush militants in Syria's Idlib

1 day 7 hrs 33 mins ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Turkey and Iran on Thursday he wanted them to devise a joint p...

Venezuelan opposition envoy urges foreign help to get aid in

1 day 7 hrs 46 mins ago

The Venezuelan opposition's envoy to the United States accused the government of President Nicolas M...

Russia says no signs of U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria

1 day 7 hrs 49 mins ago

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia had not noted any big changes suggesting the U...

EU lawmakers urge Saudi Arabia to end women's guardianship system

1 day 7 hrs 53 mins ago

The European Parliament urged Saudi Arabia on Thursday to abolish its male guardianship system, unde...

Brexit row risks ruining PM May's date with parliament

1 day 7 hrs 55 mins ago

British Prime Minister Theresa May could be defeated in parliament on Thursday over her plan to rene...

Brazil pension form bill headed to Congress on Feb. 20: official

1 day 3 hrs 50 mins ago

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's pension reform proposal will go to Congress on Feb. 20 and pro...

Slovak assembly fails to pick top judge candidates, plunging court into crisis

1 day 4 hrs 16 mins ago

Slovakia's lawmakers on Thursday failed to pick any candidates for seats on the constitutional court...

Facebook voids accounts targeting Moldova pre-election

1 day 7 hrs 25 mins ago

Facebook Inc said it has removed a number of pages and accounts engaged in "inauthentic behavior" ta...

A jihadist hotbed days ago, Libya's Derna now dreams of a better future

1 day 7 hrs 42 mins ago

With artillery fire rumbling in the distance, residents of Derna gathered in a streetside cafe on Sa...

Turkey's Erdogan says hope of a political resolution in Syria stronger than ever

1 day 7 hrs 48 mins ago

Hopes for a political resolution to the conflict in Syria have never been stronger, Turkish Presiden...

Iran says U.S. should leave Syria, change its Middle East policy

1 day 7 hrs 52 mins ago

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that the presence of its arch foe the United State...

Security forces round up protesters in central Khartoum: witnesses

1 day 7 hrs 54 mins ago

Security forces fired teargas to disperse hundreds of protesters close to the Sudan's presidential p...

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