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Fox on Sex: Why Women Cheat

2010/09/07 11:35:57 @FOXNews.com

Diane Lane's character in 'Unfaithful' seems to have everything - yet she's still searching for more. Our sexpert takes a deeper look into why women cheat.
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Lifestyle Factors Linked to Teens' Headaches

2010/08/19 08:39:00

Teenagers who are overweight, get little exercise, or smoke may be more likely than their peers to h...

Study Shows Value of Quality-of-Life Cancer Care

2010/08/19 07:35:00

Palliative care, which helps the gravely ill make the most of the time they have left, provided a su...

Obesity Top Threat to Children's Health: Poll

2010/08/19 07:23:41

Adults consider obesity the number one threat to children's health in the United States and many bel...

Health Officials: 1,300 Sickened in Salmonella Outbreak

2010/08/19 07:14:14

Approximately 1,300 people have been sickened in a salmonella outbreak linked to eggs in three state...

Fattening Fried Butter Makes Canadian Debut

2010/08/19 01:37:52

Toronto fairgoers will get a tasty, albeit fattening treat Friday when they visit Vicky Skinkle’s S...

Top Doctor Says Cocaine Should Be Legal

2010/08/18 11:15:52

One of Britain's most senior doctors has proposed that legalizing hard drugs like cocaine and heroin...

Cord Blood Transplant May Save 'Lion King' Actress

2010/08/18 09:14:03

Doctors at Cohen Children's Medical Center performed a cord-blood transplant on Shannon Tavarez usin...

Mosquito-Borne Virus Claims 4 More Lives in Florida

2010/08/18 07:54:52

Four Florida residents have died from a mosquito-borne disease that normally afflicts horses, health...

Ancient Brew May Reduce Gut Damage After Chemotherapy

2010/08/19 07:39:18

An ancient Chinese brew may help reduce the intestinal damage caused by chemotherapy given to colon ...

Study Links Pesticides to Attention Problems

2010/08/19 07:29:26

Children whose mothers were exposed to certain types of pesticides while pregnant were more likely t...

Tai Chi Eases Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Study Finds

2010/08/19 07:18:30

Tai chi eased painful joints and other symptoms of fibromyalgia in a small but well-done study of th...

World's Tallest Man to Have Surgery to Stop Growth

2010/08/19 03:11:07

Sultan Kosen is more than 8 feet tall as a result of a rare hormonal condition called acromegaly, wh...

'Cougar' Trend of Women Chasing Younger Men a Myth

2010/08/19 01:21:10

Madonna and Demi Moore may be fuelling talk of a growing trend for older women on the prowl for youn...

Study: Women Who Take Contraceptive Pill Are Smarter

2010/08/18 09:51:27

Good news for women taking the birth control pill – it may be making you smarter, London’s Daily T...

Kissing Women: Their Favorite Places

2010/08/18 08:46:44

When it comes to kissing women, there's more than just her mouth to think about. Here are her favori...

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