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Fox on Sex: Why Women Cheat

2010/09/07 11:35:57 @FOXNews.com

Diane Lane's character in 'Unfaithful' seems to have everything - yet she's still searching for more. Our sexpert takes a deeper look into why women cheat.
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Girl-Band Star Escapes Jail Over HIV Infection

2010/08/26 01:33:24

A German pop singer who confessed to knowingly exposing two men to the risk of HIV after finding out...

Docs Tweet During Rare Double Hand Transplant Surgery

2010/08/25 10:49:02

A team of Kentucky doctors were performing a rare double hand transplant - and posting the progress ...

56-Year-Old Chimp Gives Birth at Zoo in Kansas

2010/08/25 08:07:32

A 56-year-old chimpanzee has surprised officials at a zoo in northeast Kansas by giving birth...

FDA to Give Restaurants More Time on Calorie Counts

2010/08/25 07:46:06

U.S. health regulators plan to give restaurant companies more time to comply with new rules that req...

Rest Periods Defined

2010/08/25 07:21:48

When it comes to working out, many men spend a lot of time planning the exact exercises they will pe...

Eggs in the Raw? Experts Say Give Them a Pass

2010/08/25 04:01:01

Experts have some simple advice when it comes to eating runny eggs these days: Run away....

380,000 Pounds of Deli Meats Recalled From Walmart

2010/08/24 11:01:20

Zemco industries, based in Buffalo, N.Y., is recalling 380,000 pounds of deli meats sold nationwide ...

Giant Baby Weighs as Much as 6-Year-Old

2010/08/24 09:16:15

A 10-month-old boy has been nicknamed the "Michelin baby" after ballooning to the weight of a 6-year...

Surgeons Remove 56-Pound Tumor From Woman's Uterus

2010/08/25 11:55:27

Doctors in Argentina have removed a tumor from a woman that was so massive, it looked as if she was ...

Sheryl Crow Opens Breast Cancer Center in L.A.

2010/08/25 09:14:55

Grammy-award winner and breast cancer survivor Sheryl Crow opened a breast cancer detection facility...

Diabetes Drug Avandia as Safe as Actos: Study

2010/08/25 07:52:15

GlaxoSmithKline's diabetes drug Avandia was no riskier to the heart than a rival, U.S. researchers s...

Parents Warned: No Vaccine Could Mean No School

2010/08/25 07:40:01

Health officials are urging parents to get their children caught up on vaccines before students head...

Man, Shot in Head, Notices Five Years Later

2010/08/25 07:20:03

A Polish man living in Germany went about his business for about five years without noticing he had ...

No Evidence Tainted Eggs Go Beyond 2 Farms

2010/08/24 11:03:02

Food and Drug Administration officials said Monday that there is no evidence a massive outbreak of s...

Tiger Woods: Sex Addict or Typical New Dad?

2010/08/24 10:30:41

As Tiger goes from married dad to single dad, it's worth considering the role that new parenthood ma...

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