Healthy Weight Loss Tips from the Expert

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You got those extra baggages on your body and you want to take care of it, pronto. Here are tips to make it all go. Dr. Fred A. Stutman, M.D., a weight-loss expert and author of the recently released 100 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work,  here are 10 surefire ways to win in the battle of the bulge, said that there are bits that really work in just about every weight-loss plan, but you shouldn't have to read every diet book to find them.

Start off with Burn weight with carbohydrates, "by the simple thermic effect of converting carbohydrates into energy," says Dr. Stutman, Burn weight with carbohydrates when you eat complex carbohydrates like vegetables, beans, legumes, fresh fruit, whole grains and nuts, your body uses so much energy metabolizing and digesting, you expend 250 calories daily.

Bulk up with fiber, Fiber also slows down digestion and sugar uptake so much, eating just one apple creates the same satiety as eating three cupcakes, says Dr. Stutman, Like complex carbohydrates, fiber gives your intestines a workout, so eating just 30 grams a day will burn off the equivalent of a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Sip apple cider vinegar, It contains malic and tartaric acid, which help digest carbohydrates and slow their absorption into the bloodstream. Down one tablespoon before eating, or add it to a salad. It's been used as a health tonic throughout history, but science now knows why apple cider vinegar is so good for you.

Nibble protein at night, Instead of salty or sugary treats; try slow-digesting, appetite-suppressing foods like almonds, skim-milk yogurt or low-fat cheese. Eating junk food after hours is a major hurdle many dieters face. Those tasty snacks might help you to fall asleep, but they will also wake you up as soon as your blood sugar falls.

One important tip is, Drink water, Nutritionists believes that dehydration, not hunger, causes some overeating. Start every meal with water and sip eight glasses through the day. You've heard it before, water transports nutrients, remove toxins and rehydrate the body. But it can also help you to lose weight.

Pop some nuts, Just a handful of almonds and walnuts also triggers the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone that shuts down your appetite. Dieters love snacks, and two of the best are unbuttered popcorn and nuts. The former has two grams of fiber per cup, while the latter contain protein, folic acid, vitamin D, copper, magnesium and monounsaturated fats.

Walk before and after you eat, the thermic dynamic action of digesting your dinner along with the exercise will help you burn off 10 to 15 per cent more calories. Just before a meal, take a brisk stroll around the block it'll help switch off your appetite. Then, 45 minutes after eating, take another hike.

Don't yo-yo, When dieters lost 10 per cent of their body weight, they reduced their risk of heart disease by 20 per cent; when they gained it back, they increased their risk by 30 per cent. According to the 40-year-long Framingham Heart Study, going on and off diets messes up your metabolism and your health.

Pick the best of the worst, despite its calories; it also has protein and calcium from cheese and lycopene from tomatoes.

Every dieter has been confused about where to indulge every now and then it's the unavoidable choice between pizza and a hot dog. Best advice? Grab a slice of plain pizza.

Cook with garlic and onions, Dr. Stutman said that "garlic and onions contain phytonutrients that break down fat globules from food in the intestinal tract," and added, "preventing this fat from being absorbed into the body."

Dr. Stutman said that "Combined, the tips make for a doable set of building blocks for weight loss, physical fitness and healthy eating habits," When you enjoy moderate portion sizes and get regular exercise, weight loss can be simple.

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