Easy steps on installing you crystal chandeliers

2007/03/30 13:08:52 by bclady1 of 7seo.com

Nowadays crystal chandeliers are very demanding. Crystal chandeliers really play a big factor in adding appeal to your house.

So to all of you who purchase a crystal chandelier, my congratulations! So to help our enjoy tour crystal chandeliers I’ll give you easy way steps on how to install your chandeliers.

Remember installing crystal chandeliers requires careful attention to every detail.

First you have to know how heavy your crystal chandelier is. If you see that it nearly matches the weight of your present lighting fixture, there is no need for you to replace the junction box. On the other hand if your chandelier is heavier that your present lighting fixture there is a need for you to purchase and install a junction box that will support the chandeliers weight.

Then after that do remember that you have to shut off the power to the circuit feeding of the chandelier. Use a circuit tester to verify the electricity is shut off. Then afterwards you have to remove the old light fixture. While performing this fixture remembers you have to mark how the fixture was and mark the wires with tape.

Then if it is necessary you have to install the junction box as soon as possible. You have to attach the hardware from he new chandelier to the m mounting strap. If you cant find a mounting strap it means you have to install one. 

You have to wire the new chandelier in the same way as the former fixtures. Connect the wires. But do remember that in putting the wire you have to match the colors. Remove about ½ inch of insulation from each of the new wire before attaching it to the corresponding ceiling wire.

Once you finished twisting the wires from the new chandelier to the ceiling wires, you have to twist the wire nuts in a clockwise position. You have to know that in every new chandelier you buy the manufacturer always include   manual of instructions for you to be able to complete the process in installing your crystal chandelier.

Be reminded also that if your installing your crystal chandelier in a dining room or kitchen area make sure that the crystal chandelier hangs at least thirty inches above any table you might place under it. Your crystal chandelier should measure twelve inches less in diameter than the width of the table.

And of course always seek for someone’s help when installing your crystal chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers are usually heavy but delicate. Remember if you drop the crystal chandelier you’ll destroy it.

So now you have enough knowledge on how to install your crystal chandeliers, make sure that you have to buy a crystal chandelier that will blend the painting of your home for a more appealing effect. And be reminded that if you want to maintain the beauty of your crystal chandelier for a long time you have to clean it once in a while .so stand up from your seat and start installing your crystal chandelier.

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