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2007/03/02 17:05:36 by linksj2top of Jump2top.com

Optimizing your website is a way to rank greatly in Google.


o read this article in order to find out how to help the readers and

isitors to find the valuable information they need and on how to keep

he Google’s spider to come back for more.


f you have a business website and you wish that people will find your

usiness website, then you have to make sure that your website is

esign and plan to be search engine friendly. There are some things to

onsider in coming up to such goal.


ndeed, this article will focus on optimizing for Google.


his article will focus on the other factors in determining your position on the Google results.


es, every website wants to be on the top rank, but they tend to forget

ome of the basic optimization techniques in order to be on the top

ank on the search engine. Have to check out your title tags lately?

re you giving your time and effort or just sitting their and waiting

o be on the top rank?


efinitely nowadays, there are a lot of people uses the internet or the

earch engine in particular to obtain information, products and

ervices they needed. So in order to catch the attention of the readers

r visitors, one of the effective methods is to have valuable title



o you have to make sure to create better and unique title tag, in

rder for your website to be rank well. Creating unique title tag is

ne of the key strategies in order for the search engine will love your



t is wiser to conduct keyword analysis, in order for you to know which

eyword or keyword phrases drives the most traffic. And these keywords

hich have less traffic, you can do something about it in order for

hose to gain traffic soon.


reating original and with much value content is also important. So you

ave to make sure that you will compose original content. Since Google

refer original content. You can also conduct content analysis, so that

hose contents which have lesser traffic can be rewritten, in order to

ave traffic soon.


oogle usually looks for h1 and h2 tags, as an indicator for what the

ext contain. So you have to create document with h1 tag and to have

riginal content that visitors will love and appreciate to read.


ndeed, those websites who follow the design guidelines are the website

hat can easily be read, understand and visited by readers and

isitors. If people or visitors see that they can get all the necessary

nformation in your website, so those people are most likely to come

ack to you again and again.


f the visitors or readers tend to come back to your website, this

efinitely will be the best benefit of them all. This can help you be

ank on the top of the search engine results.


o start optimizing for Google now, this article have mentioned some

oints to think about in optimizing your website. But you have to bear

n mind that this require some time.



rticle Author Eliza Maledevic from http://www.Jump2top.com, a SEO Company. Know more about Search Engine Optimization at
http://www.7seo.com & http://seo.xon.us 

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