SEO – Tips on Finding the Great Link Partners

2007/03/01 11:39:31 by bclady1 of 7seo.com

 Search engine optimization is a process of increasing the numbers of

isitors to your website by being on the top ranked of the search

ngine results.

Links are important factors in web marketing,

ince search engines are usually looking for links to your website.

earch engines put greater significance to incoming link. Incoming

inks are the links from other websites. And these links are the links

hat will point out to you website.


he value and quality of the links are very important, since the search

ngines are after to the quality and value and not the quantity. And in

rder for you to have quality links or incoming links more especially,

s by link partners.


ow, maybe you are wondering on how to find and have link partners on

he internet. You can to bear in mind that you have to link with

uality links only, or else, the linking won’t give you any advantages

t all. There are tips you can consider to help you find the great link



he first tip is writing something interesting, you can create article

bout relevant topics or maybe a website review. Then you have to allow

ther website to use these reviews on their websites, if they are

illing to give your website a link in return. In doing so, you can

ake these website your great link partners.


f in case, you have discussion board in your website, you can invite

ther websites which are related to your website subject to join in the

iscussion. You can also ask them to exchange links with these



nother tip is to write articles about the website’s expertise or

omething about the subject or theme of your website. You have to make

ure that the articles have valuable information about your website or

our online business. You can also make some articles about the

roducts and services that your website offer, and give the necessary

nformation. All these articles should be submitted to high ranking

rticle directories. And you have to make sure that the articles have

ink back to your website.


ow, the other tip that would be helpful to your website is that aside

rom submitting the articles to articles directories, better to allow

ther websites and ezine to repost your articles as long as they are

illing to put link back to your website. So then these websites and

zine are considered as part of you link partners since they are

illing to give your website a link back to your website when you give

hem articles.


f your website is a members-only website, the best thing to do is give

ther websites ‘free’ membership, if they are willing to put link back

o your website, in doing so, for sure a lot of websites will grab the

pportunity, and these websites will then be your great link partners.


here articles gives you the tips in order to find great link partner,

ll you have to do is consider all these tips. Now, you can already

tart your link campaign. And all these tips in linking will help you

ind the great link partners. So start now, do not waste any time, and

tilize the linking strategies now.

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