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Trump signs bill pressuring China over Uighur Muslim crackdown

16 days 19 hrs 27 mins ago @Reuters: Top News

U.S. President Donald Trump signed legislation on Wednesday calling for sanctions over the repression of China's Uighur Muslims, as excerpts from a book by his former national security adviser alleged he had approved of their mass detention.
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» China warns of countermeasures in response to U.S. Uighurs law
  16 days 19 hrs 27 mins ago @Reuters: Top News
» Defectors prepare packages to send to North Korea despite growing tensions
  16 days 19 hrs 27 mins ago @Reuters: Top News
» Trump says U.S. will not lock down again amid rising coronavirus cases
  16 days 19 hrs 37 mins ago @Reuters: Top News
» Atlanta police officer charged with murder in shooting death of Rayshard Brooks
  16 days 19 hrs 46 mins ago @Reuters: Top News
» Atlanta prosecutors hope to persuade jury to second-guess officer who shot Brooks
  16 days 19 hrs 47 mins ago @Reuters: Top News

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