Super-Fast Non-Profit Networks Still Won't Merge

2007/11/08 11:19:00 @FOXNews.com

Internet2, National LambdaRail both supply research institutions, universities, but decide to stay separate.
» Facebook Plans Ads for Members' Personal Pages
  2007/11/07 01:59:15 @FOXNews.com
» Low-Cost Laptops Begin Mass Production
  2007/11/07 01:54:39 @FOXNews.com
» Google Maps to Give Driving Directions at Gas Stations
  2007/11/07 01:36:34 @FOXNews.com
» Yahoo Executives Defend Role in Journalist's Arrest
  2007/11/06 11:58:32 @FOXNews.com
» MIT Developers Plan Collapsible Car for City Driving
  2007/11/06 07:55:48 @FOXNews.com

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Tolkien Fans Worry About 'Lord of Rings' Online Game

2007/01/26 01:49:09

True Tolkien-heads fear 'Lord of Rings' MMORPG won't be accurate, or even very good....

Military Ray Gun Makes People Feel Like They're on Fire

2007/01/25 21:00:08

Non-lethal 'active denial system' shoots a beam electrmagnetic waves that heat up outer layer of ski...

Nintendo Rides Strong DS Sales to 40 Percent Profit Boost

2007/01/25 15:03:51

Wii gets all the press, but consistent sales of handheld DS buoy Japanese game-co nsole maker's numb...

Microsoft Caught Trying to Change Wikipedia Entries

2007/01/24 14:52:10

Redmond admits it had asked Australian blogger to edit pages on ODF, OOXML -- but stressed that it w...

Long, Slow Summer Ahead for Video-Game Players

1969/12/31 18:59:59

Hard-core gamers will have to wait until fall for 'Halo 3,' 'Grand Theft Auto IV'; in meantime, ther...

Nintendo Wii 'News Channel' to Launch This Weekend

2007/01/26 01:02:08

Consoles with broadband Internet connections, Opera Web browser can access free news 'channel,' whic...

Review: Sprint's Motorol a KRZR K1m Is Pretty, but Shallow

2007/01/25 17:37:27

Motorola's latest design for Sprint is undoubtedly the carrier's slickest-looking phone, but Sprint'...

Dvorak: Windows Vista's 'Mac'-Ness Might Open Door for Linux

2007/01/24 14:57:23

Vista is remarkably like Apple's OS X, which will only turn off true geeks and techies, who may turn...

Irish Government Blames Text Messaging for Teen Illiteracy

1969/12/31 18:59:59

Irish students aged 15, 16 poor spellers who write short, choppy sentences, says education ministry....

Toshiba Plans HD DVD Drives for All 2008 Laptops

1969/12/31 18:59:59

Toshiba raises stakes in DVD format war with potentially costly move; ball now in Sony's court to do...

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