Super-Fast Non-Profit Networks Still Won't Merge

2007/11/08 11:19:00 @FOXNews.com

Internet2, National LambdaRail both supply research institutions, universities, but decide to stay separate.
» Facebook Plans Ads for Members' Personal Pages
  2007/11/07 01:59:15 @FOXNews.com
» Low-Cost Laptops Begin Mass Production
  2007/11/07 01:54:39 @FOXNews.com
» Google Maps to Give Driving Directions at Gas Stations
  2007/11/07 01:36:34 @FOXNews.com
» Yahoo Executives Defend Role in Journalist's Arrest
  2007/11/06 11:58:32 @FOXNews.com
» MIT Developers Plan Collapsible Car for City Driving
  2007/11/06 07:55:48 @FOXNews.com

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Ten Bright Ideas for the Computer Industry

2007/10/22 04:43:22

Tech Tuesday: Dvorak lays out things that ought to happen, such as a Sun-Apple merger and a M...

SanDisk Enters Online-Video Market With USB Bridge

2007/10/22 04:00:20

Sansa TakeTV USB flash drive plugs into dock connected to TV; Fanfare service sells TV-ready shows o...

Comcast Hinders Customers' Internet Traffic

2007/10/19 10:06:13

Cable broadband provider found to spoof users' traffic in order to block BitTorrent sharing of large...

Start-Up Company Will Pay You to Read E-Mail

2007/10/19 04:58:56

Boxbe offering e-mail-based direct marketing -- but this time, the recipient gets paid for his time....

Sony Shakes Up U.S. PlayStation 3 Lineup

2007/10/18 12:26:29

Move mirrors earlier changes in Japan; 80-gig model now $499, new 40-gig version will be $399 but wo...

Best Buy Pulls Analog TVs Off Shelves

2007/10/18 08:56:19

That's it for regular old TV sets, country's largest consumer-electronics chain tells customers....

Writer: Video Games Are Good for Kids

2007/10/18 05:39:23

Even violent games teach children cooperation, personnel management and patience, says author Marc P...

Consumers Put Computers at Top of Holiday Wish List

2007/10/17 07:14:58

Peace, happiness and clothing? Blah, says holiday hopefuls -- give us those laptops....

British Dating Site Focuses on Sexless Relationships

2007/10/22 04:08:29

Platonicpartners.co.uk set up for those with impotence, low libido or other reasons not to have sex,...

Phony Harrassment E-mail Spreads Virus Among Employers

2007/10/20 02:00:37

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission warns of e-mail circulating to employers that contains a vir...

Such a Bargain: Valve's 'Orange Box' Five-Game Package

2007/10/19 10:06:11

One disc holds 'Half-Life 2,' two more 'episodes' of it and two more related games....

Ann Arbor, Mich., Putting LEDs in All Streetlights

2007/10/18 12:33:19

College town figures it'll save money in long run as new bulbs use far less power, last five times a...

Online Role-Playing Games Change Users' Lives

2007/10/18 12:16:44

Syracuse study finds MMORPG players spent more than twice as much time per week on game than players...

U.S. to Test High-Tech 'Virtual Fence' Along Border

2007/10/18 08:56:11

The first section of a high-tech 'virtual fence' along the U.S.-Mexican border will be tested next m...

Apple Cuts Price of DRM-Free Songs to 99 Cents

2007/10/17 11:14:52

MP3s without copy protection, formerly $1.29 each, will now be 99 cents to put it in line with Amazo...

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