Super-Fast Non-Profit Networks Still Won't Merge

2007/11/08 11:19:00 @FOXNews.com

Internet2, National LambdaRail both supply research institutions, universities, but decide to stay separate.
» Facebook Plans Ads for Members' Personal Pages
  2007/11/07 01:59:15 @FOXNews.com
» Low-Cost Laptops Begin Mass Production
  2007/11/07 01:54:39 @FOXNews.com
» Google Maps to Give Driving Directions at Gas Stations
  2007/11/07 01:36:34 @FOXNews.com
» Yahoo Executives Defend Role in Journalist's Arrest
  2007/11/06 11:58:32 @FOXNews.com
» MIT Developers Plan Collapsible Car for City Driving
  2007/11/06 07:55:48 @FOXNews.com

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T-Mobile Snags German iPhone Deal

2007/09/20 08:43:58

Device to sell for $558, including tax; French announcement expected this week....

Getting Started With Linux

2007/09/20 05:29:06

Curious about the free operating system, but hesitant about trying it out? Here's what you need to k...

Sprint Unveils Location-Based Phone Search Function

2007/09/19 12:58:15

Cell-phone carrier offers upgraded search service that lets users find shops, restaurants closest to...

Alaska Airlines Testing Out Wi-Fi on Planes

2007/09/19 11:31:06

West Coast carrier plans trial service on one Boeing 737 next year; similar American Airlines plan a...

Apple Bringing iPhone to Britain November 9

2007/09/18 02:18:23

As expected, O2 selected as carrier; Carphone Warehouse to be retailer; deals expected soon with T-M...

Google Launches Global Privacy Crusade

2007/09/14 13:54:02

Google Inc. is calling on businesses and regulators throughout the world to adopt international stan...

California College Offers YouTube Class

2007/09/14 11:35:14

Pitzer College in Claremont offering 'Learning From YouTube' media studies class....

Review: iPod Touch Is Best Media Player Ever Made

2007/09/14 08:52:41

With an excellent interface and elegant design, the iPod Touch is simply the best portable media pla...

Tech Experts: 'Widgets' Are Huge Security Risk

2007/09/20 08:36:54

Widgets -- those fun, graphic little applications that bring things like clocks and calculators to y...

Yugoslavia Domain Name Follows Country Into Oblivion

2007/09/19 13:45:07

Four years after country dissolved into Serbia and Montenegro, '.yu' officially put on path to retir...

E-Mail Chain Sends Lost Digital Camera Back to Owner

2007/09/19 12:37:55

Ohio State fan finds digital camera, sends photo from it out on mass e-mail to successfully find own...

Smiley-Face Emoticon Turning 25

2007/09/19 08:50:42

Ubiquitous, possibly annoying :-) first popped up on an online bulletin board at 11:44 a.m. on Sept....

Review: 'Jeanne d'Arc' Leads Portable Strategy Games

2007/09/17 09:01:32

Sony's medieval French war game for the PlayStation Portable is so good it belongs on the big screen...

TV Veterans Produce Web-Only Show

2007/09/14 13:50:06

TV veterans behind TV shows "Thirtysomething" and "My So-Called Life" are launching a Web-based show...

IBM Develops Virtual Sign-Language Interpreter

2007/09/14 09:38:13

Big Blue comes up with software that can translate speech in real time....

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