Super-Fast Non-Profit Networks Still Won't Merge

2007/11/08 11:19:00 @FOXNews.com

Internet2, National LambdaRail both supply research institutions, universities, but decide to stay separate.
» Facebook Plans Ads for Members' Personal Pages
  2007/11/07 01:59:15 @FOXNews.com
» Low-Cost Laptops Begin Mass Production
  2007/11/07 01:54:39 @FOXNews.com
» Google Maps to Give Driving Directions at Gas Stations
  2007/11/07 01:36:34 @FOXNews.com
» Yahoo Executives Defend Role in Journalist's Arrest
  2007/11/06 11:58:32 @FOXNews.com
» MIT Developers Plan Collapsible Car for City Driving
  2007/11/06 07:55:48 @FOXNews.com

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Archos Video Player Not Quite Match for iPod

2007/09/24 08:35:55

The screen's great, the case is attractive, but the device suffers from clunky software and just too...

The Week in Games: Sept. 21, 2007

2007/09/24 08:35:36

A roundup of the week's news and gossip from the video-game industry....

New Xerox Printers Cost More, but Inks Much Less

2007/09/24 06:43:56

To compete better with Hewlett-Packard, Xerox introduced five printers, which cut the cost of printi...

The Online Journalism Free-for-All

2007/09/24 03:10:30

Tech Tuesday: The rise of bloggers and vloggers has created information anarchy -- which may not be ...

Cell Phone Service Planned for NYC Subway System

2007/09/21 09:16:29

All 277 underground subway stations -- but not the tunnels -- would be wired for cell phones and wir...

NBC to Offer TV Episodes Free for Download

2007/09/20 13:40:01

But there's two catches: You can't fast-forward throught the commercials on the downloaded episodes,...

Glitch Keeps High-Tech Border Fence Offline

2007/09/20 10:12:02

Because of a software glitch, the first high-tech "virtual fence" on the nation's borders remains in...

Microsoft Bets Gaming Division on 'Halo 3'

2007/09/20 08:44:06

Massive publicity push as Redmond hopes new game will finally put entertainment division in black....

Dragons Soar, but Games Might Burn You

2007/09/24 08:35:46

Winged reptiles look, act terrific in 'Lair,' 'Blue Dragon' and 'Dragoneer's Aria' -- too bad games ...

'Stranglehold' Game Never Lets Up

2007/09/24 08:35:29

John Woo's 'sequel' to his classic movie 'Hard Boiled' never gets stale or old....

Facebook Subpoenaed After Sexual Predator Concerns Ignored

2007/09/24 03:20:40

New York State Attorney General has subpoenaed the social networking Web site following a review tha...

Gamers Go Ga-Ga Over Lightsaber Wii Remote

2007/09/24 03:02:12

Internet gaming sites across the Web cheered news last week of a new "Star Wars" game for the hit Wi...

Ex-Ramone Sues Over Music Downloads

2007/09/21 05:06:00

A drummer who spent four years in one of the greatest punk bands of all time, the Ramones, filed a f...

Ooma Starts Selling Free-Call Phone Boxes

2007/09/20 10:26:23

$399 gizmo sets up free, unlimited domestic phone calls for homes with broadband Internet connection...

Moore's Law Won't Last Forever, Says Moore

2007/09/20 10:11:35

Intel co-founder says axiom he coined about chip transistors doubling every two years will reach lim...

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