Super-Fast Non-Profit Networks Still Won't Merge

2007/11/08 11:19:00 @FOXNews.com

Internet2, National LambdaRail both supply research institutions, universities, but decide to stay separate.
» Facebook Plans Ads for Members' Personal Pages
  2007/11/07 01:59:15 @FOXNews.com
» Low-Cost Laptops Begin Mass Production
  2007/11/07 01:54:39 @FOXNews.com
» Google Maps to Give Driving Directions at Gas Stations
  2007/11/07 01:36:34 @FOXNews.com
» Yahoo Executives Defend Role in Journalist's Arrest
  2007/11/06 11:58:32 @FOXNews.com
» MIT Developers Plan Collapsible Car for City Driving
  2007/11/06 07:55:48 @FOXNews.com

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E-Mail Scam Threatens Recipient With Hit on Life

2007/10/04 07:05:13

A new e-mail scam threatens the recipient to pay up or someone will take a contract out to kill the ...

MySpace Gets Political

2007/10/04 02:50:49

MySpace will allow U.S. politicians and non-profit groups to raise campaign money. Users can contrib...

Cheating Rampant in Online Role-Playing Games

2007/10/03 08:47:14

Cheating in video games nothing new -- but huge money at stake for players in 'Warcraft,' similar ga...

Miss America Lends Name to Kid-Safe Web Browser

2007/10/03 04:48:34

Lauren Nelson's experience with Internet creeps spurred her to help develop Web browser tailored to ...

'Fake Steve Jobs' to Go on Real Book Tour

2007/10/03 03:52:51

Forbes editor Dan Lyons, outed two months ago as satirical blogger 'Fake Steve Jobs,' will plug book...

Nokia Brings in New Video Deals with CNN, Sony

2007/10/02 12:38:29

Nokia is partnering with CNN, Sony and others to get access to their video content for its high-end ...

World's Dullest TV Show to Measure Energy Use

2007/10/02 11:59:40

Geneva-based standards group compiles 10-minute collage of various types of programming to help TV m...

Most Americans Clueless About Computer Security

2007/10/02 02:02:53

Nearly all respondents said they had anti-virus software on their PCs -- but only half had updated i...

Stanford Duo Come Up With Online Speed-Dating

2007/10/04 05:45:26

Speeddate.com lets prospective partners have two-way video chats as alternative to actually meeting ...

Online Videos Could Infect Computers With Viruses

2007/10/03 08:47:22

Video clips could easily transmit malware, Georgia Tech researchers find, though few such incidents ...

Study: Roomba Owners Get Deeply Attached to Robots

2007/10/03 08:47:06

Two-thirds of Roomba owners surveyed names their vacuuming robots, and many would keep theirs even i...

File-Sharing Trial Continues in Minnesota

2007/10/03 04:24:01

Defense lawyer tries to prove mother of two's wireless signal could have been poached by neighbor....

Geek Chic at New York Fashion Week

2007/10/03 02:54:44

Among stick-thin models were some truly beefier items -- HP's huge flat-screen TVs and massive gamin...

Apple Sued Over iPhone Price Cuts

2007/10/02 12:13:41

Dongmei Li of New York seeks $1 million in damages, claiming price discrimination related to smartph...

Letterman Grilling of Paris Hilton Becomes YouTube Hit

2007/10/02 10:14:43

David Letterman's merciless grilling of jailbird Paris Hilton on Friday's "Late Show" has emerged as...

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